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The Seminar

Main goals of the Seminar

A common understand in sports is that performance is 70-90 percent mental. Given that this is true, then athletes need to know how to train mentally as well as physically.

This is a seminar to help participants (primarily athletes) realize that mental training is not a luxury, it is a necessity. Based on Applied Sport Psychology research and 35 years’ experience, Mike Margolies will bring valuable information to the attendees. Covering topics ranging from motivation to optimal performance, Mike Margolies will present the information in a knowledgeable and fun way insuring that the participant may understand through multiple learning channels. This full day seminar with Margolies will use his book, The Athlete within You as a guideline. A full workbook is included with everyday exercise’s that participant can use in training.

The seminar will provide real life examples of athletes Mike has worked with and how they overcame issues to perform at a higher level. The major objective of the seminar is to provide a basis for the participant to do the same.

The seminar will include multiple approaches to developing an approach for participants to cope with competitive stress and learn to focus their attention. There will be many opportunities for seminar participants to participate individually and as a group in exercises to help them understand this process.

This full day seminar will give all of the participants the tools to begin their journey in understanding the athlete within them. Come learn about The Game Within The Game and what mental training can do to help bring your game to the next level.

Learning Objectives

  • To give athletes a true sense of Mental Training and Preparation.
  • Helping you understand your own motivation to compete.
  • Showing you that goals are the roadmap to your athletic dreams and aspirations.
  • Giving you the skills to concentrate and fully focus at practice and in games.
  • Help athletes in building effective strategies and mental skills.

Target Audience

This is appropriate for athletes 16 and older and of both genders and for recreational athletes to Olympian and Professionals.

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Agenda & Sessions

Day 121 December 2013
08:30 — 09:00


09:00 — 10:30

Session 1: Introduction To Mental Skills Training, Assessments- Learning Who You Are, Motivation V/S Inspiration.

10:30 — 10:45

It’s Coffee Time. Take a Break!

10:45 — 12:00

Session 2: Goals- Roadmap to Our Dreams, Emotional Intelligence, Managing Stress.

12:00 — 13:00

It’s Lunch Time. Take a Break!

13:00 — 14:30

Session 3:Three Fears, Confidence

14:30 — 14:45

It’s Coffee Time. Take a Break!

14:45 — 16:15

Session 4: Concentration and Focus, Imagery and Visualization, Relaxation

16:15 — 16:30

It’s Coffee Time. Take a Break!

16:30 — 17:30

Session 5: Psychological Rehabilitation of Injured Athletes, Questions We Didn't Get To, Peak Performance - Optimal Performance

The Speaker

  • Mike Margolies
    Certified Mental Trainer®, Author, Sport Psychology Consultant & Professional Speaker.
    When you want to be the best that you can be and the one thing you are missing is the right Mental Game what do you do? Well, athletes from all over the globe have been seeking out Mike Margolies for over 30 years for his experience in helping them live up to their potential. He has worked with athletes from professional football to elite level figure skating and every sport in between. They have sought his counsel and unique teaching style to learn about the game within the game, or what sport psychology and mental training can do to help them become the athlete they want to be. He is a former athlete that when he retired from high level competition knew there had to be more than just natural talent and fitness to make athletes successful. Mike studied under some of the most successful sport scientists and sport psychologists in the United States. He was training professional and elite athletes before he was twenty-two and has helped guide many to world championships and even the Super Bowl. One national champion recently called him after thirty years to thank him again for his help. Mike founded Sport Psychology Consultants and the Mental Game in 1983. He has helped more than 2000 athletes over the years. Mike has taught at four Universities and completed research at the United States Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.


Contact & Registration

Venue: Bahrain Conference Center, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Diplomatic Area, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain. Tel +973 17531122

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